Major Achievements of Government of Madhya Pradesh, Department of Cooperatives:



  • At the ending of the year 2004, only 09 of the State's 38 District Cooperative Central Banks were in the accumulated profit with the amount of Rs. 24.53 million, and now at the end of the year 2016, 34 Banks are in accumulated profit of Rs. 257.88 crores.
  • At the end of the year 2004, 29 Banks were in severe cumulative loss of amounting Rs. 525.46 million, now at the end of 2016, only 05 banks have accumulated losses of Rs. 113.32 crores.
  • At the end of 2004 only 24 of the state's 38 district cooperative central Banks were in annual profit of Rs. 36.90 crores, at the end of 2016, all 33 Banks are in the annual profit of Rs. 128.51 crores.
  • As on the status of the year 2004, Apex Bank was in accumulated loss of Rs. 69.13 crores, but at the end of March 2016 Apex Bank is in accumulated profit of Rs. 57.99 crores.
  • Status of compliance with section 11 of under the Banking Regulation Act – 1949: - On the ending of the year 2004, 28 Banks out of 38 District Banks had been classified as weaker Banks, under the section 11 of Banking Regulation Act – 1949. At the end of the year 2016, only 2 District Bank is in the state which is classified in Section 11.
  • Status of Banking License: - As at the end of the year 2004, only 04 Banks had the banking license, out of 38 District Banks of the State. Top cooperative Bank of the State also didn't have the license. At the end of the year 2016, all 38 Banks of the State including the Top Bank holds the banking license issued by the Reserve Bank of India. Core Banking Solution: - CBS solution is running in all 853 branches including the Apex bank and branches of District Cooperative Banks. Currently, NEFT and RTGS operations have been started in all these branches.
  • Installation of ATM network: - The task of connecting cooperative banks with the ATM network of commercial Banks will be completed by December, 2017.
  • Zero percent Interest Rate: Before 2006-07, the interest rate chargeable to farmers was 16 to 17 percent, it was reduced up to 7 % in 2006-07, 5 % in 2008-09, 3% in 2011-12 and it has been reduced up to 0% in 2012-13.
  • Kisan Credit Cards: At the end of 2003-04, 19,12,652 Kisan credit cards were issued by 38 District cooperative central Bank of the State, through the Agriculture credit cooperative societies, for which a Net credit limit (N.C.L.) of Rs. 3348.61 was sanctioned. As on the status of year ending 2015-16, 5668707 Kisan credit Cards have been issued by District Cooperative Banks, and approved Net Credit Limit (N.C.L.) was Rs. 20639.21 Crore, for that. Thus, 200% more Kisan credit cards have been issued in this period, in comparison with the base year, and an increase of 616 percent is also reflected in credit Limits.
  • Short Term Crop Loans to Farmers of Madhya Pradesh At an Interest Rate of Zero percent: Since 2012-13, the short term loan being made available at Zero percent interest rate to the farmers, who are paying the loan amount in time, by the Agriculture credit cooperative institutions affiliated with Cooperative Banks. In the year 2012-13, the Interest subsidy of Rs. 328.12 Crore has been made available at the rate of 6%, to cooperative institutions, by the government for around 30 million farmers. For interest subsidy, in the year 2013-14, amount of Rs. 328.27 crores, In FY 2014-15, An amount of Rs.742.30 crores, in FY 2015-16, Amount of Rs. 871.96 crores and in FY2016-17, Amount of Rs. 388.92 crores have been distributed to farmers.
Agriculture Loans, Agricultural inputs (seed - manure), Public Delivery System (PDS), Procurement on support price etc.
Rs. In Crores
Sr.No. Particulars APEX Bank ALL 38 DCCB
2003-04 2015-16 2003-04 2011-12
1 Share Capital 70.4 515.81 239.76 1117.02
2 Of which Govt. Share Capital 1.36 0 47.65 9.22
3 Reserves and Other Funds 231.43 904.80 943.59 3035.82
4 Deposits 1508.83 5012.73 3658.65 13588.62
5 Borrowings 596.46 6148.30 1143.57 10033.81
6 Loans & Adv. O/S. 1693.17 11765.04 3441.69 19155.25
7 Investments 570.71 1581.88 3441.69 7184.27
8 Working Capital 2676.61 13060.18 5719.43 29442.24
9 Profit for the year (Amt.) 1.84 56.09 36.9 128.51
10 No. of Banks Not appli. Not appli. 24 33
11 Loss for the year (Amt.) 0 0 72.02 74.65
12 No. of Banks Not appli. Not appli 14 5
13 Accumulated Profit (Amt.) 0 57.99 24.53 257.88
14 No. of Banks Not appli. Not appli 9 34
15 Accumulated Loss (Amt.) 69.13 0 525.46 113.32
16 No. of Banks Not appli. Not appli 29 4
17 % of Recovery ( ST-Agri. Loan 30 June ) 91.62 93.93 63.42 76
18 % of NPA 6.-9.42 4 28.87 14.12
19 Section 11 complying Complying Complying 10 36
20 Banking licence issued Not Issued Issued 4 38
  • Agriculture Mini Market up building: 27 infrastructure have been developed by M.P. Warehousing and Logistics Corporation, Agriculture Marketing Board and M.P. State Cooperative Marketing Federation, with the aim to provide all agriculture related facilities to farmers under one roof , by developing the concept of Agriculture Mini Market same as the concept of ‘Chaupal', Under the special package, in Bundelkhand region at six districts, Sagar, Damoh, Panna, Chhatarpur, Tikamgarh and Datia of Madhya Pradesh. The construction of 40 infrastructures by Mandi Board under the Bundelkhand special package phase -2, by developing the concept of Agriculture Mini Market, is under consideration.
  • Procurement on Supporting Price: For the farmers of the State the bonus has been announced on the government support price procurement, to give them the true value of their produce. Rs.50 per quintal from the financial year 2009-10, Rs. 100 per quintal from the year 2011-12, and Rs. 150 per quintal from the year 2012-13 being paid as bonus on wheat procurement on support price. During the year 2012-13, 63.53 Lac ton wheat was purchased on supporting price from 8.96 Lac farmers, and Rs. 952 Crore has been paid as the bonus. Similarly the bonus declared in paddy procurement in the fiscal year 2012-13, 13.43 Lac metric ton paddy was purchased on support price from 2.53 Lac farmers, and Rs. 134.3 Crore have been paid as bonus.
  • RKVY: - 80,000 MT go downing capacity generated through 80 godowns (1000 MT each godowns).
  • Bhandar Grih Yojana - 33,000 MT capacity generated through 66 godowons of 500 MT each godowns.
  • Fair price shops in the cooperative sector: 1159159.00 metric ton food grain had been delivered, through 18994 fair price shops which were in operation in the year 2003, at the State level, which is increased by 295 percent in the year 2013, and 3253521.9 metric ton food grain has been delivered through 21824 fair price shops.
  • Development of basic infrastructure at the village level: To increase the storage capacity of cooperative societies, minimum of ten thousand square feet land has been made available free to 830 cooperative societies for warehouse construction, through the State Government. The proceeding for the construction of 60 warehouses of 500 metric ton capacity in the first phase and 60 warehouses in the second phase, on available land has been initiated in collaboration with NSDC. Along with this project proceedings are also under process to make available free infrastructure to cooperative societies at a cost of Rupees One Crore in 44 districts by identifying 100 locations in accordance with the concept of Mini Mandi.
  • In ICDP Scheme: - 259.72 crores through 25 completed & closed projects & 194.57 crores through 12 current Project j.e. Total Amt. of Rs 459.29 crores has been provided as financial assistance to societies in the state. Total 2.50 Lakh MT go downing capacity has been generated through closed & current ICDP projects.
  • Tissue Culture cooperative societies: Cooperative societies have been formed in new areas of the State, to promote the tissue culture in sugarcane and banana, cooperative societies have been formed in Burhanpur district.
  • Chemical Fertilizer distribution: where at the end of year 2003-04 only 778675 metric ton fertilizer was distributed by the societies during the year, there 26.80 lacs metric ton fertilizer has been distributed to farmers by these societies during the year 2015-16.
  • Crop Loan Disbursement: in the year 2003-04, total Rs.738.20 Crore cash and Rs. 535.78 Crore item loan was disbursed in Rabi and Kharif seasons, thus the total of Rs. 1273.98 Crore short term loans have been disbursed during the year, whereas in the year 2015-16, cash loans of Rs.1103.28 Crore and commodity loans of Rs. 3205.30 Crore have been disbursed for Rabi and Kharif crops, thus total loans of Rs. 13588.44 have been disbursed during the year. Thus the growth of 1067% has been recorded in short term loans disbursement, in review period.
  • Seed production in the cooperative sector: Madhya Pradesh is the first state where seed producers cooperative societies were constituted to increase the seed availability, in last 10 years. Nearly 2338 Primary committees have been constituted so far. In the year 2014-15, 1717 quintal breeder seed has been made available to primary seed grower cooperative enterprises of the State from agriculture universities and research centers of M.P. and other States. to provide the certified seed to the farmers of the State, 12 warehouses cum grading plant are under construction, under the plan to construct 20 warehouses cum grading plant of 1000 metric ton capacity by the M.P. State seed cooperative federation.
  • Fish Culture in cooperative sector: In 2002-03, a total of 1495 metric ton fish was being produced at Fisheries Federation level, at present in the year 2012-13 it has increased by 5147 metric ton, it is comparatively 344 percent higher. In 2003, in cooperative sector at the State level the fish production was 50818 metric ton, currently in the year 2013 the fish production is 85235 metric ton by increasing 167 percent.
  • Milk Cooperatives: In 2003, per day 2.92 Lac liter milk was being collected by 2763 dairy cooperatives, at present in 2016 per day 10.29 Lac liter milk is being collected through 6315 milk cooperatives and in the year 2017, 8.74 lac liter metric ton milk was collected by 6698 dairy cooperatives per day.
  • Tendu Leaf (Diospyros Melanoxylon) Collection In the Cooperative Sector: under district unions affiliated with the Apex forest produce Association, in 2003, 22 Lac standard bags Tendu leaf were being collected by a total of 1083 primary forest produce cooperative societies. In the year 2013, 19.93 Lac standard bags Tendu leaf have been collected through 1066 societies. In 2014, due to unfavorable season for Tendu leaf collection in India, 16.99 Lac standard bags Tendu leaf has been collected through 1067 societies.
  • To provide the quick justice to the farmers and members of societies, total 16 separate cooperative courts have been established, at four divisional and four district headquarters (Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior and Jabalpur) of Office of the Registrar, Co-operative Societies, Madhya Pradesh Bhopal, Department of Cooperatives, on 14th May 2012, in the first phase in the year 2012-13.
  • For free and fair elections of cooperative institutes in the State, Madhya Pradesh Cooperative Election Authority has been appointed on 25th June 2013.