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Question. How does the registration of cooperatives?

Answer: Registration can be done on the application to Office of the Deputy / Assistant Registrar, Co-operative Institutions by 20 members after depositing prescribed share capital and entry fees.

  1. First of all, the application should be submitted to Office of Assistant Registrar, in the prescribed format, jointly by at least 20 members who are the members of various families.
  2. An convener will be appointed by the Assistant Registrar's Office, who will provide support and guidance to applicants regarding all legal and administrative proceedings for the registration of the society.
  3. Members of proposed institution have adopt the bylaws of their organization by conducting a meeting together.
  4. For making institution's bylaws, a copy of model bylaws can be obtained from assistant Registrar's Office / District Co-operative Union.
  5. The convener submits the action plan including his recommendations for the registration of proposed institution to the office of Assistant Registrar, where registration certificate of the Institution is issued after verification.

Format Madhya Pradesh Cooperative Societies Rules, 1962

Format - One

See – Sub Rule (1) of Rule - 4

Application Form for Registration of Institutionर

(To be submitted in two copies)

  1. Name of proposed Institution
  2. Address (Village, Post Office, Block, Tehsil and District)
  3. Type of Responsibility
  4. Area of Operations
  5. Purpose
  6. Share Capital
  7. Number of persons who have been accepted to join as a member
  8. Full Name and Address of First Signatory on Application.

Applicants have elected following individuals for ad hoc committee so that they will conduct the business of the institution until three months from the date of registration or for such period as the registrar accepts in writing:-

Under the Section- 7 of Madhya Pradesh Co-operative Institutions Act - 1960 ( 17 of the year 1961) we the undersigned persons having the proposed eligibility for election of membership, according to the bylaws, four copies of which, are attached herewith, requesting that the institution should be registered.

We declare that, we belongs / do not belongs to at least 20 different families as defined in the Clause - (J) of above mentioned Section– 2

Sr. No. Name Father's Name Age Occupation Residence Number of purchased share The Value of Contributed Shares The value of Paid Shares Signature or Thumb Impression Attestation of Thumb Impression if any
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Strike out whichever is not applicable

Question. To whom contact for the registration of Cooperative Society?

Answer. Contact to Deputy Assistant Registrar, Cooperative societies, posted at district.

Question. How bylaws would be revised?

Answer. By passing the resolution for amendments in bylaws in general meeting of the society, the application should be presented in format 'B', 'C' and 'D' to the Deputy Assistant Registrar, Cooperative societies, posted in the district. If the amendment in bylaws is according to the amendment related Rules and comes under the provisions of Cooperatives Act and Rules, then it could be registered.

Question. What is the loan disbursement process of Primary Agriculture Credit Committee?

Answer. Rural Credit Cooperative Institutions, Urban Credit Cooperative Institutions, District Cooperative Central Bank, Citizen Cooperative Bank and District Cooperative Agriculture Development Bank provides loans for various purposes, to its members on application in prescribed format by furnishing them with necessary documents.

Question. From where seed and manure can be received?

Answer. Manure and seed can be procured by obtaining the membership of Agriculture Credit cooperative societies working in rural areas.

Question. Where, the complaint can be lodged against the government fair price shops running under the public delivery system ?

Answer. Question related complaints should be lodged to Deputy Assistant Registrar, Cooperative societies posted in the district or Food Officer or to the Collector.